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Online job search sites

The labour market has become a jobseekers’ market. This means that companies now have to advertise to secure the brightest staff. What applies to applicants also applies to companies.
As they are so well known, online job search sites are one of the primary channels for candidates to search for jobs in almost every industry. We place ads regionally as well as nationally on all online job search sites. We also offer advertising packages as efficient multi-posting solutions with which you can save costs, maximise your reach and address applicants effectively. With us, you can find qualified personnel from apprentices to industrial staff, through to specialists and managers.

With the increased use of online media, the user behaviour of applicants in the job search is also changing. Through our know-how, you can also reach your targeted candidates on social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook Ad campaigns, as well as through mobile recruitment with banner ads in apps.

Possible job search sites that you can book